maybe there is something in the air, but i have been seriously loving silky, diaphanous, simple,shapeless minimalist, clothing in geometric prints and bold colors. (oy! issa mouthful) i have been tinkering quite a bit with the sewing machines lately and have made some wonderfully wearable clothes (that i never seem to have a camera handy when i wear). but lately my "designs" can't really seem to get away from the rectangle, trapezoid, or triangle. i'm talking minimal people! i'm talking donald judd and agnes martin! With maybe a touch of something a bit otherworldly... maybe some james turrell... or maybe like if james turrell had a lovechild with space cat... (i gotta get out of texas)
I have in my possession at the moment some yardage of white and rusty brown silk that has been tie-dyed, or batik-ed or something wonderful that makes it look like the inside of a geode. I am practicing some restraint before I slice into it and instead am trying to gather some inspiration. So below are a few images I have stumbled across on the old internet that I just can't seem to shake.

these beauties are from shabd's s/s11 line of silks. tie-dye has never looked so good. i mean, seriously, how amazing are those long skirts? this may sound crazy, but the feeling of silk swishing against my legs in houston heat is basically like a personal air conditioner. so wonderful.

i'm pretty sure this is the same dress only in different colors/patterns. in any case, when i first saw these dresses from mociun i basically whined at my computer, "why are you so expensive?" or my other frequently whined, and probably more accurate, phrase, "why am i so poor?" so into the inspiration file they go (rather than into the virtual shopping cart). i'm particularly smitten with the blue ombre number (i'd call you venus cuz you're so purdy) and the piecing of the butterfly dress - though butterflies aren't really my thang.

this last set are from wikstenmade's s/s11 line and i am utterly in love with all three. i love the casual tie waists and the subtle curved hem. i also love that jenny of wikstenmade put so much love into her dyes, trying to get the perfect shade of cobalt and saffron. i think its those sort of details and labors of love that make me love handmade clothes so much.

one thing all three have in common - brooklyn, ny based. what gives?