still alive

If blogland was a neighborhood, and each blog a house, then I think the neighbors might be calling the cops on me...

"Honestly sir, I haven't seen anyone go in or out of that place in weeks!! And... I don't know if I'm being crazy... but I think there's a smell.... You don't think she's dead, do you?"

I hate neglecting my blog. It makes me feel kind of yucky inside. However, sometimes you have to adjust your priorities a bit and the blog takes a back seat. That's just life. Or, at least, my life. But just because I haven't been blogging, that does not mean I haven't been sewing and fiddling around with fabric. In fact, I think I can say without a doubt, this is the first time in the life of this blog that it's actually sewing that has been taking me away from blogging!

You see, I've been taking on a bit of extra work for an artist friend of mine who has a show coming up and was in need of an extra pair of sewing hands.  The work is slow, time consuming, and requires me to be extra precise and accurate (which is wonderful practice for me, but ... sigh... a mite tedious). And it's obviously not something I can show on the blog since, well, it's not mine! 

So I thought I'd just give you all a sneak peek of what else I've got in the works, and a few things I've been thinking about (mostly completely random and non-sewing related).  I'll be back soon, and in the meantime I'm living vicariously through all of you and your beautiful creations! Keep 'em coming!!

- I loved this short, sweet interview with my all-time favorite designer, Rachel Comey.

- I'm kind of obsessed with natural cosmetics and skincare - I've been a big DIY'er in the past, but always had problems and decided I needed to up my game. I recently got a sample of Arcona products and have been loving them! So gentle, but totally active and effective. Finally.

- I think this song might be the best, beachy, summery thing I've heard... well... all summer. 

- Aaaannndd - totally out of nowhere - because this showed up in the youtube sidebar when I searched for that last song and I completely forgot what an awesomely weird video it is - here's this for your viewing pleasure.

Okay! And I'm off to listen to Thread Cult and sweatshop away on my friends project! Hope you are all well - and has anyone else picked up any random sewing jobs in order to fund the fabric monster?