my favorite color is rainbow: goldilocks

all this talk about sewing has me feeling a bit single-minded. when i start to get this tunnle-vision syndrome, not seeing the forest through the trees and whatnot, there is really only one cure for it...

and that is the pure visual feast that is pinterest. the wonderful thing about pinterest is that you can truly tailor it to whatever your heart desires. i've turned mine into a bit of a scavanger hunt - organizing images by their predominant colors. of course i also try and pin outfits i like, hairstyles, etc...

so today, while perusing my pins, i felt moved by the warm, sunny hues of yellow.

yellow, gold, ochre, umber, citron, canary, flaxen... a color that can be warm and rich, opulent and extravagant, acidic, acrid, sour and sulfurous. it has been my experience that yellow is a seasonless color - there is always a shade that fits the present climate.

perhaps you can let this jaundiced hue influence your wardrobe this winter, allowing a little sliver of sunlight into your closet...

sources for all images, as well as other canary eye candy, can be found here.



  1. Bring on the warm weather! I can't wait to break out my canary yellow rain coat again... it's like wearing a smile!

  2. I've finally come around to yellows... you're right, so much potential! Marigold leaning into butterscotch is one of my new favorites.

  3. @ Katie (aka The Sis) - I didn't know you had a canary yellow raincoat!! So chic! Please send pictures...
    @ Amy - don't let this post fool you - I actually have a tough time wearing yellow. But I've also found that deeper, richer yellows (with orange-y tones) suit me best.