dream job

i just stumbled upon this video on fieldguided of the fortnight lingerie studio at work. it was such an incredible eyeopener, and beautiful to boot, i wanted to share it with you.
i haven't been sewing for terribly long so there are still plenty of things that are new to me, and i'm completely ignorant (and insanely curious) about the world of production sewing. i loved seeing the little chain of panty pieces that were made as they sewed each piece in one continuous thread. of course it makes sense if you are sewing the same thing over and over again to do it this way! as someone who seems to always take the "scenic route" with her sewing i'm wondering how i might be able to use this in my own sewing to speed things along...

also, how dreamy does it sound to sew up pretty, feminine underthings all day? i'm sure it could get a bit monotonous (what job doesn't?) but from an outsiders view, this looks like such a lovely work place. fortnight makes the prettiest lingerie. someday i'd love to own one of their lovely sets.

thank you for all your sweet comments on my last post. i know its silly, but i get a bit nervous whenever i post something a bit more personal, or else "new content" for the blog. i love to write about sewing and fashion, and will continue to do so, but every now and then i like to do a reality check. its nice to know that you're along for the ride <3



  1. Thank you for sharing this - so dreamy! I'd love to start utilizing some production sewing techniques. I was test driving a new serger a few months ago and the sales lady serged the shoulder and side seams with one continuous thread. Talk about time saving!
    I especially like the idea of cutting several of the same pattern and then sewing them at the same time. The repetition must be really good at training your sewing muscles. I seem to remember Amy at Cloth Habit doing this recently.

  2. lovely video.. i wish i can do that all day long, and be payed for it :) sounds like a dream coming true.. well, i kind of am doing it all day long these days, but i doubt i gonna make any money of it.. loved the sewing machine in the video, almost could hear beautiful sound it makes (ah, dreams.. my 100 bucks toyota gives me hard time today.. and sounds like it's terminally ill)

  3. So dreamy. I agree. Dream job. Making beautiful things with your hands all day. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. I sew all day for a living and it is monotonous and kills my hand and elbow, so all I can say is, don't believe all that propaganda even though it is mighty pretty. ;)

  5. I second what Emma wrote! I was chatting with my mom about this over the weekend organizational extravaganza, as we do. I'm always after her for tips to speed things along (LOVE sewing up a bunch of connected seams, then snipping apart). But I remember when she would come home from work. She was tired. Worn out. Sore. It was really hard, low-paying labor. Not to say that a small company like this doesn't pay well or have great benefits. Just that that wasn't the genteel life of my mom's job. It wasn't slave labor, either. But it was labor.

  6. I love this video and it makes me all the more crave an industrial machine. Machines are cool. Some day I'll have the space, sigh... I'd think that Fortnight, being a small company and making in-house rather than in a manufacturing facility, might have more creative energy in the air than a factory-only setting. But if I was just at a machine all day, hmmm... yeah, I wonder about the tired hands.