mmmay week two

phwew! i'm running a bit behind schedule this week. i was talking to my dad this weekend and he said that since he didn't see a new post up he assumed i was no longer participating in me-made-may! well! how wrong you are daddy-oh! my wearing of me-made clothes is still going strong - and i've got photographic evidence to prove it (except for the weekends...a girl needs a break...)

my camera batteries died on saturday leaving me a bit slow in recharging them and getting these pictures posted. but the greater contributor to my mmmay tardiness was.... drumroll pleeeaassseee ...

this weekend my husband and i decided to do our part as young americans and stimulate the economy by buying a new car. like a real car. not one off of craig's list.  at least this is what i've been telling myself we were doing to avoid the all-consuming anxiety that grips me every time i think about taking on more debt! i think i'm just hardwired to hyperventilate when faced with this kind of purchase, despite the fact that the numbers keep telling me that we can afford this.  there was also a serious need factor involved here. our poor little car was on its last legs - quite literally wheezing and burning its oil - and (perhaps the biggest strike against it) we were facing our third texas summer without air conditioning. we just. couldn't. do it. again.

so my mind has been a bit preoccupied with paperwork and numbers and budgets and the anxiety and exhilaration of our brand spanking new car!!!  you guys, she's so purdy. she even has power windows and locks (apparently thats become standard in the past 20 years...) so yeah. big weekend in the sallieoh house!

oh. you didn't want to hear about my new car?? well fine then - without further ado, my mmmay week two in review:

5/6 and 5/7: not pictured. wore a self-made, self-drafted blue polka dot dress. it'll be worn again, no worries. and yes i wore it both days. don't judge me.


top: urban outfitters, from many moons ago, self-altered (i shortened the hem)
skirt: watermelon silk midi/maxi skirt - blogged here
shoes: frye
where: to work. same old same old. weirdly enough this has been one of my favorite outfits to wear this spring. i'm not really sure why since the silhouette isn't the most flattering. i think i just really like the way it billows in the breeze. i'm a sucker for some billowing...


blazer: christmas gift, several years old by now. from urban outfitters i think.
top: rachel comey for vogue in tessuti silk, blogged here
pants: new stove-pipe skinnies, blogged here
shoes: shoemint
where: work. so much for this top being a special occasion top...


dress: self-made, self-drafted red wrap dress. never blogged. made about a year ago in a post-flu delirium where i began maniacally serging this red modal knit. despite the fact that the hem is uneven and the ties are oddly, like, 6 feet long each - this has got to be my most loved self-made garment to date. and this is because when i put it on i feel like the lovechild offspring of marilyn monroe and sophia loren. bam! bombshell...
shoes: shoemint. 
bod: all mine, baby, alllllll mine
where: yeah. just to work.


sexy rain jacket: not sure what brand, but i got it at the sporting goods store
tshirt: self made just recently. incredibly unremarkable so it won't get blogged.
pants: self-made stove-pipe skinnies, blogged here
shoes: my trusty (and oh so sexy) old lady worifshofers. 
where: to work. the internet told me to expect thunderstorms all day so i dressed appropriately (i even had some awesome galoshes on earlier) only for it to be stupidly sunny. allll freaking day. go figure.


jacket: self-drafted draped leather jacket, blogged here
dress: the second dress i ever made! it also happens to be self-drafted (yeah, i worked backwards...) made a few years ago now and never blogged. its made from some fun poly (!!) knit from the 70's. 
shoes: frye
where: to work. duh. sorry about my stupid face in this picture. my camera battery was dying so this was the only one i snapped before it quit on me. no time to preview and try and arrange my facial features in some way that doesn't look like i'm possessed by the devil...

and thats week two!! i didn't really get any sewing done this week because my mind has been elsewhere. perhaps inspiration will strike this week and i'll have something glorious to post later, but i'm not going to force it!

have a great week, ya'll!



  1. Your 5/10 outfit - you vixen you! You look gorgeous!

  2. You are a crack up :-)  Love the outfits  fav is 5/10 vavavoom bombshell looks stunning.

  3. yay new car! congrats!!!!!! omg i loooooooove your wrap dress - great job!

  4. Congrats on the new car, we're looking at one of those too. And yeah, the big expenses freak me out too. Even if I've saved up for it, the more zeros the more I worry. Don't even get me started on when we bought our house.....

  5. I love your outfit on 05/08 too! The fit wouldn't seem like it would be flattering but I think it is on you!

  6. I'm loving this week!  You always could pull off a more artistic silhouette- and the 5/8 outfit is no exception - I do love that red number on you - it looks fantastic and makes me wish I had a red wrap too!  I do think, and I'm not sure why, that my fav just may be the 5/12.  I really love that jacket - proving how versatile it is here - and maybe it's sentiment, but I love that dress.  You look fantastic, as always.

    But now, I feel I must insist... a picture of the new car baby?

  7. I love your self-drafted wrap dress.  I can't believe you were drafting your own garments from so early in your sewing career.  One of these days...

  8. The wrap dress and the cherry blossom dress are my favourites but I'm still loving the stovepipes. One day I'll forget them but for now I feel compelled to comment on their awesomeness. Also your neighborhood looks pretty sweet. Anything with old buildings in it is a definite plus in my book.

  9. Oh my god that red dress is to die for, but I love all your outfits - so chic and stylish. Always effortless - how d'ya do it? And may I second a call for a new car pic? 

  10. I'm awed by the extent of your self made wardrobe! It's so fun to see it mix and matched like this. Dad will be pleased to see this post! I love them all! Look how long your hair is getting!!

  11. Hooray new car!  And as usual, your outfits are lovely!  You look especially gorgeous in red-- love the wrap dress and the midi skirt!

  12. First of all, I think it's really cute that your dad reads your blog. AW! Hi, Sallieoh's dad! :)

    Second, congratulations on the new car!! What kind of car did you get?? Omg, did you actually get to pick the color?? (someday, when I stop buying my cars used, I will be so excited to actually get to choose the color haha) And high-five for a/c! Until very recently, I didn't have a/c in my car since 2005 (and I lived in New Orleans for a minute there!) - so I totally understand how you feel, and I am totally excited for y'all :)

    Third, I love all your outfits & your hair is lookin' supah fine, giiirl.

  13. Hehe.. My dad is my #1 lurker!! And thanks for the congrats! High five back at ya! I didn't know how vital a/c was until I moved to the south - ugh. We took a very memorable road trip back east last July where we got stuck in the worst traffic of my life on a Louisiana causeway. Hell. Total hell! Haha! And since we wanted to drive our new car home from the dealership we didn't go through the whole thing of ordering in our color of choice, but we did get to choose between the three colors they had on the lot. I went for black because I thought the blue and the silver looked like old people... haha!! The things we worry about...

  14. Yes! there will be a "proud new car owners" pic coming shortly

  15. I've been using the helen armstrong book - 5th edition. I do really like it - there's a TON of information in it, but sometimes I wish I had the benefit of a real teacher, or, like, someone else in the room to talk things out with... haha!! My biggest complaint is that I've found the amount of ease - particularly in the shoulder/armsyce area to be pretty outdated. Which might be why I've been having so many shoulder and sleeve issues...

  16. Thanks! Yeah, I totally wouldn't recommend anyone else do that. It was completely backwards. I think I just had a really innate sense of how clothes should "work" and fit, but not necessarily the "right way" to get from point A to point B - if that makes sense... Anyway, I experimented with self-drafting for awhile and then realized that I just needed to get better at sewing. Period. So I started actually following patterns and reading some books and taking a Craftsy course or two... and slowly we're getting there :)

  17. fabulous as always. that red dress is smokin'!

    congrats on your new car! that's super exciting - especially the ac. mine was broken for a summer and it's a miracle i survived. no one likes sweaty back.

  18. Thanks sis! I do so love a wrap dress - even though its incredibly body-conscious, I somehow feel like its the most flattering thing I've ever worn!  P.S. I miss you.

  19. Thanks Maddie! Its really funny how that works... not only that but its so stupidly comfortable!

  20. I cannot even imagine! Haha! If we ever get to the house-buying point in our lives I'm pretty sure I'll just be paralyzed with indecision and anxiety! Things to look forward to! Haha!

  21. Thank you Angelina!!

  22. Thanks Lisa! You're too sweet! Its funny how when a dress makes you feel good (even if its all in your head) the confidence boost makes you look good too!

  23. A car! With power windows! What a treat! I've been carless for the last 8 years after 5 years of K cars. One word: JEALOUS.

    That red dress is awesome. It's crazy how a) red and b) jersey equal c) POW. A good wrap dress is indispensable in a lady's arsenal. Also, kinda loving your old lady sandals. I'm super nervous about heading to NYC this weekend because I do not own practical shoes. Those look cute and comfy. Hopefully my feet make it. I will be thinking of you Sallie when I am loading up on silk in the garment district....

  24. GAH!! So jealous!! Holy crap balls... you have no idea how envious i am! Envious enough to type "crap balls" apparently (twice!) 

    Have an amazing time!! Buy something totally fabulous!!

  25. Miss Crayola CreepyMay 16, 2012 at 10:58 AM

    Beautiful clothes as usual! :)

    Congrats on the new car! I got one in January for similar reasons. The money/debt part definitely stressed me out, but it feels so nice having the peace of mind that my car won't break down at any minute!

  26. 5/10 - bombshell is right! Love the shoes too! 
    Congratulations of the car! 

  27. great va-va-voom dress! It has to be red, of course! I love that you just dove into drafting right at the beginning. It's a fun kind of confidence that shows in what you make!