and the bombshell goes to....

(I swear I'm actually trying to flex in this picture... my muscles just seem to be made of marshmallows)

Wow guys!! I am just totally blown away by the response to the bombshell giveaway! Of course it shouldn't come as that much of a surprise, because this is literally the swimsuit pattern to end all swimsuit patterns! I wish I could give you all bombshells, and then we could live out Heather's fantasy to have one, giant, beachy bombshell meetup! Imagine what a glamorous bunch we'd make!! But enough pussyfooting around! Let's make the announcement, shall we?

Ladies and Gentlemen (if you're out there) the moment you've all been waiting for has arrived!! Can I get a drumroll please?!

According to that friend of all blog giveaways - the random number generator - the bombshell pattern goes to...

LAURA!!! Congratulations Laura! Send me an email at sallie(dot)forrer(at)gmail and let's make this bombshell happen! 

If you didn't win, don't worry, you can still snag the pattern here, and I hope you will! And remember! Heather's about to start her bombshell sewalong - so those of you that are nervous, and I know there's some of you out there, have no fear! You, too, can rock the summer in your glamorous hand made swimsuit!

And! Because I know some of you are simply dying to know what sort of spirit animals we have in this here sewing/blogging community (no? no one? that's just me, eh?) I am happy to oblige you!  Turns out we have a lot of dolphins among us! Who would've thought?! Cats came in a close second, proving that cats really do rule the blogosphere (after dolphins, of course...) followed by a franticly nut-hoarding bunch of squirrels (!!) 

Honorable mentions go to: penguins, whales, sea otters, mermaids, chipmunks, Kate Bush, moose, bunnies, raccoons, owls, lemurs, sloths, unicorns and panthers! 

Apparently I'm alone in the reptile camp...

But what a fun menagerie we have!! Until next time, lovelies...



  1. Neeno - Sew Me LoveJune 16, 2013 at 11:28 PM

    You look so hot in that pic!!! The swimsuit is beautiful!!

  2. you crack me up! even reading about things I didn't win is fun when you write it. miss you sis!

  3. I didn't want to comment on the first bathing suit post in case I got
    chosen (after making too many suits for the beach revue I never want to
    sew with spandex again, ever...) but anyway, I love your suit! So

  4. can i please borrow everything about you in a bombshell suit? thanks.