lets all drink the kool-aid

images from Hanneli and Mr. Newton

I am slightly mesmerized by the kool-aid hair I have seen cropping up on street-style blogs. I have spent more time than I would like to admit grappling with my emotions with some of these more strip-mall grunge fashion and beauty trends. On one hand, I think that hair the color of mold, chlorine, and crystallized fruit drinks should stay firmly planted in my tween years. On the other hand, these ladies do manage to make the 90's trend look sort of cool - even elegant?

Really what I'm having trouble with is this: am I only okay with throwback trends if they are trends that happened before I was alive? I mean, I think even my 12 year old self thought that the 90's were dark days indeed for fashion. Is it appropriate or even timely to revisit them? Does this mean - gasp - that we are secretly longing for the Clinton years? If you see trends in fashion, design and even art as part of some sort of cultural and social consciousness - then is kool-aid hair a political statement?

Since my feelings on this are fairly ambivalent - I will leave it at that. No. I lied - I have one more comment - so I'll admit that there is something pretty about the cotton candy colored hair. But green? Green never looks good in hair. It looks mossy and moldy and like you might be a bog lady.
Are you a bog lady? If so. Carry on.

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  1. this is an awful idea and it can't end soon enough. Ambivalence = ended!
    (you're welcome)