a bit of randomness

when we were planning our wedding i thought i was being very clever by cutting up my fabric scraps to turn into a bunting. "self," i said, "you are so smart to make use of your unwanted fabric this way!"

that is until after the wedding, when i was left with a bag of, albeit much smaller, but nonetheless, scraps. theres a little sappy sallie in there somewhere that just can't bear to throw them all out, even more so after their participation in our very special day. thats when * i * began to think of quilting with them.

please. the thought of quilting is about as appealing to me as doing my taxes. guh. but that stupid little sappy sallie has me convinced that this will be something i'll cherish forever and want to give my grandchildren.

my original idea for a design involved some complicated circular starburst thing that would radiate out and... i know i know i'll just stop there! so you can see why i haven't even attempted this yet? that is until i stumbled upon this today:

it was, like, the greatest "a ha!" moment i've had in a long time. half my work is already done! i know the whole bunting thing is a fad that will probably be gone before i can say "wedding season", but this little quilt design makes it look somewhat timeless. something i won't mind seeing on our bed, or thrown over the back of a couch, or even folded neatly on a shelf...

for years to come.


*editors update: after reading this, my husband loudly cleared his throat and said "you thought of making a quilt?" yeah, yeah, yeah. it wasn't my idea at all - totally his. you win, husband, you win.


  1. Can't wait to see it finished! I'll be checking back frequently for the post (think of it as encouragement, not pressure). How long do you think it'll take you to make? I'm thinking I might want to attempt it myself, but I know that once I start a project, I'm all about having it done. I need to learn the art of patience and perseverance. Hopefully your example can guide me in this aspiration ;)

  2. oh my goodness i have no idea when i'll start! quilting just seems so laborious to me! but i AM determined to do this... i'll set a goal for ... sometime this winter ;)
    thanks for the encouragement! i need it!

  3. I think this would be a lovely keepsake! I'll picture you quilting on cozy winter nights. In my head you're in the north east, not Texas! Good luck! Loving all the new projects!