summer forever

there is an inch and a half thick vogue sitting on my coffee table. most of it is full of ads for fall 2011 fashions. many blogs are featuring advice on 'transitional dressing'. my other life at the art gallery is gearing up for fall shows and art fairs. even i'm trying to strategically plan my sewing and future wardrobe for when the weather turns slightly cooler. i know its september. i know we've gone back to school, or entered the busy season, or whatever. i know labor day is long gone.

but on my little balcony i can hear seagulls. there is a cruise ship at the end of my street. i still have a tan, and the beach looked beautiful today. lets not rush this season for once. even if we're only in this place for one year, i'd like to be able to look back on it as the year of eternal summer.

this is one of the first dresses i ever made. when i made it i was so proud that i drafted the princess seams and i thought it fit beautifully. now my critical eye can see just how poorly its constructed, and how ill fitting it really is. but despite this, its still one of my favorite dresses. i love the 60's cotton print, the simple silhouette. it is, in my mind, the perfect summer dress.


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