my favorite color is rainbow: grey is so much more than grey

in my ultimate wisdom i have decided that it is time for another "my favorite color is rainbow". the past week and a half really bit the big one. i had big plans (i always have big plans) but then lady life decided to pay me a visit. i really wish she would check my day planner (i don't keep a day planner) and my bank account (i don't keep a bank account. only a loose floorboard. and a shotgun.) before she decides to pull a fast one on me.

so perhaps it is in that spirit that i bring you this "my favorite color is rainbow". gentles and ladymen, please give it up for none other than the humble, the elusive, the overlooked, the misunderstood, the confusing to spell... grey.

i like it with the e not the a.

grey is a color that often gets confused for a non-color, but there is so much hue in grey. just try to find the perfect grey and you'll find yourself stumbling upon purples and blues, browns and greens... i've even spotted yellow in there. grey is an elusive, slippery, complex color. but when its right, its oh so right. welcome to the wonderful, confusing, and rich world of grey.

for more grey images and to see sources, please visit here.


  1. This is how I handle that color: Gray for the darker shades and Grey for the more delicate pale shades. I had no idea when I was young that only one was the American spelling.

  2. ha! i had never thought of that distinction - but its sort of fitting, no?

  3. I remember getting dressed one morning and coming out of the room and announcing to my husband that I looked like a big grey. I made him wait while I changed outfits and arrived a few minutes later in something I felt far more swell in... He was confused when it was another grey top. To answer his quizzical look I said: Yes, but this one is so much happier. Thanks for acknowledging the many shades of gre/a/y.

  4. Gray ( I like the "a") is less severe than black but more mysterious than brown and far more forgiving than white!