weird beauty

(pardon the weird lines in this photo, it has come to my attention that my camera is possessed)

does anyone remember those articles in teen vogue or glamour or whatever that featured interesting diy beauty remedies? like "for cheap, easy summer highlights spray a mixture of chamomile tea and lemon juice on your hair" or "to make your own body scrub mix sugar, honey, and olive oil" ? did anyone ever try them?

i tried them all. i've put (on separate occasions) avocado, egg, olive oil and vinegar in my hair - as well as the above mentioned chamomile tea and lemon juice combo. i've put vitamin e capsules, asprin, preparation h, toothpaste, beets, baking soda and (again) olive oil on my face. i've sat with my elbows in lemons and laid cucumber slices on my eyes. i've received weird looks from family members, roommates and boyfriends for storing little bowls and vials of my concoctions in the refrigerator.

i love a self-made spa moment. i love home beauty remedies. the ones i love best are the ones that work really well. and i have found a few that work really well for me.

one of my current favorites is a yogurt facial. this sounds, and is pretty disgusting, and if it wasn't for my history of putting weird edibles on my face i probably wouldn't have tried it. but try it i did, and i gotta say, i kinda lurve it. this is a pore tightening, skin clearing, softening and brightening mask. the lactic acid in the yogurt exfoliates skin without the use of harsh scrubbers or particles that can scratch skin. the yogurt and honey are also moisturizing and honey is an anti-microbial that prevents the spread of bacteria. lemon juice and/or strawberries lighten marks like acne scars. after i use this mask i always feel that my complexion looks a bit brighter and healthier (at least for a day or two!)

making a yogurt mask is cheap, easy, and i usually have all the ingredients on hand because, lets face it, this isn't too far off from what i eat for breakfast every morning. i use a spoonful of full fat or 2% greek yogurt. we make our own because we're cheap we're fancy. i add a dollop of honey and a squeeze of lemon. if i have them on hand i might mash up 1/2 a strawberry. then i sit with this on my face for awhile. write a blog post, like i'm doing right now. and generally look like this...

i like to do this on days when my husband isn't home so he doesn't wonder why i'm putting my breakfast on my face. i don't like explanations, and i don't want him to worry for my sanity. plus while this little mask dries you kinda look like freddy kruger....



  1. i just tried a serious mask last week that attacked my skin, SO trying this...

    (ps! do you happen to have a canon camera? it has an issue that causes lines, they fix it for free if you do (mine was 7 years out of warranty & they still did it!)

  2. thanks for the camera tip oona! my camera is totally a canon!

  3. I peed my pants when reading this. Is there a home remedy for that?!?