feathers in caps


well i'll be. well i'll just be! (what does that even mean? i don't know but my grandma always says it... hi grandma!) you guys i am just all of a tizzle and fizzle and flub a dub dub dub...!! i was the featured member project on burdastyle!! this feels like a momentous occasion - who brought the champagne?!?

in addition to this major award (hehe) i've also got a couple shout outs and blog awards recently.

leah of a vintage thread and amy from cloth habit both gave me some liebster love. thanks guys!!

and liza jane of liza jane sews gave me a sunshine award!

the sunshine award comes with some questions!! oooh fun! i sure do love questions! here we go...

favorite color: pink! yes! unashamedly! next question... (i'm totally going to ace this test...)

favorite animal: octopus. or octopi... octopussy??

favorite number: erm. free? (shit! i'm bombing it...)

favorite non-alcoholic drink: ... ?? water. is it just me or do these questions kind of suck?

facebook or twitter: neither!

my passion: sunny days

getting or giving presents: lets be serious... getting!

favorite pattern: i thought this one was funny because everyone who answered it gave a sewing pattern related answer. so i'm going to say zig-zag just to be a contrarian!

favorite day of the week: snooze fest. i'm not even going to bother answering this... instead i'm going to tell you about this one time when i was driving with my husband and there was this bucket in the middle of the road and i saw it from blocks away and started screaming and swerved the car this way and that to avoid it - however when i finally i got to it i drove right over it in a panic. despite the fact that there were no other obstacles on the street and i was going like 20 mph - in the end i made a bee-line right for the damn bucket. do i sound like a terrifying driver?? i am...

favorite flower: peonies

phew! thank god thats over with!! i felt like i was on the worst first date of my life...

so i'm supposed to pass this little bit of blog love on to some other blogs! rather than making a list for each award i'm just going to give both the liebster and the sunshine to these blogs - because they deserve it!!

anyway, thanks for all the love internet universe!! you guys are just the bestest bunch of cyber friends a girl could ever ask for!



  1. Yay Sallie! You deserve it!

  2. oh i saw you're featured on burda.. congrats!  and, you know what - your blazer convinced me to try and make one for myself.. so, i'm just cutting the pattern (10 freaking peaces plus lining.. damn, i feel like i'm doing this for hours).. i'm going to use light linen in rust color.. 
    and.. thanks for the award.. awards.. i do feel really flattered you choose me.. although, i might not follow the rest (i'm not really award friendly, you know.. gosh, i sound like such a grumpy old man lately.. looks like i don't like a lot of things)

  3. Yay! That's awesome. And of course you should be featured up in that awesome red jacket. You deserve all kinds of props for that kind of tenacity! 

    And peonies are my favorite flower too -- I planted some in the fall! Those suckers better bloom.

  4. Congratulations on getting your fab red jacket featured!  It is absolutely amazing, and deserves the recognition...
    and your answers to the sunshine quiz made me smile

  5. Ack!!  Congrats!!!  You deserve it-- that red jacket is a legend 'round these parts!  (Oh, and my grandma totally says that, too... she's got a whole arsenal of folksy sayings and non-cusses!  I wish I was more like her in that respect... sorry, gram...)

  6. I would bring the champagne but I'm guessing you live too far away. Congrats on all the awards lady!

  7. congrats on the feature and awards! you are a super talented and funny, funny lady. that driving story cracked me up.

  8. Hell yeah! That's a fly jacket! :) Congrats to you!

  9. Was so excited for u when I saw the feature -- congrats!!

  10. Huzzah!  Well deserved shout outs to you!  I loved your quiz answers... reminds me of our "glamour-esqe" quizzes from back in the day.  You deserve every bit of recognition and more... Hugs!