feeling zen-like

not one of my most inspired haiku's (pfft!! as if i have haiku standards!!) but still... hiya haiku! nice to see ya!

that title is a lie. but ya know, whaddyagonnado? sometimes you just need to tell yourself those little white lies. "feeling globular" just doesn't inspire normal human functioning, does it? but "feeling zen-like" well! now we're talking... see! talking! human function! where was i??

i'm back! i've managed to make it through my stressful april and i'm now seeing the light on the other side which is may! please be good to me may! please oh please oh please!! it was actually a bit of a challenge to stay away from the computer. in the little bouts of free time i've had over the last 2 or 3 weeks i've had to remind myself to limit my computer time. turn the thing off. step away from the mouse. its for your own good. this didn't always work since i was also determined to stay up to date on my blog readers (i don't know what it is, but an overflowing reader makes me more stressed out than an overflowing email inbox!)

but this self-imposed blog break doesn't mean that i haven't been thinking about sewing or blogging. au contraire!! part of the break was to help me organize my thoughts and get some action plans made up for the upcoming months. chief among these was preparing for me-made-may and the colette spring/summer palette challenge.

so where am i with all of this? hmmm. well when i say "organize" i mean "form coherent thoughts" so... don't get your hopes up...

lets start with me-made-may shall we?

my "mmm" oath reads a little sumpin like this:

i, sallie of sallieoh.blogspot.com, sign up as a participant of me-made-may '12. i endeavor to wear one self-made article of clothing, and to mix and match said articles of clothing to the best of my ability, each day for the duration of may 2012.

so here's the tizzy - i have a pretty good self-made wardrobe built up at this point. its not great, but it does get a lot of wear. i plan on building onto this wardrobe (particularly my summer wardrobe) throughout the month. so that should be fun. but what i really want to get out of this challenge is a chance to remix my current wardrobe. i think by setting the boundary of having to wear a self-made article of clothing every stinking day i might be forced to get a wee bit creative. also, this is a chance for me to show off some of the things i've made before i started this blog - which are all generally poorly sewn but for some reason i love them. so that should be fun! stay tuned!

now! the colette spring/summer palette challenge! i approached this a bit different than i did for the fall one. in the fall i picked some images that were inspiring me and then tried to fit my fabric/garment choices around that. this time i tried to pay attention to what fabrics i was being drawn to and edit them to find a coherent theme, curating patterns to go along with them in the process. and this is what i came up with:

what can i say? i'm feeling blue! maybe its my yearning for some beach time - or something else, but i'm really craving cooling hues.  also, as a sort of continuation of my mini spring wardrobe, i'm also really trying to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe along with some classic solids. prints are the spice of a wardrobe's life, in my humblest of opinion, and so far my closet is like the cafeteria at a retirement home...bland.

i'll check back in soon with a more complete rundown of my plans and patterns and such and such! also, i have a newly finished garment to show off that i'm trying to get photographed either today or tomorrow - aaaaand  the me-made-may madness starts this tuesday!! ya'll are gonna get so sick of me...

till then,



  1. I love the colors you picked.  I am all about the cobalt blue right now.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Glad to hear you made it though April.  And, I'm happy to see you're excited for Me-Made May.  I'll see you there!  (Oh, and by the way, I really like those blues.)

  3. yay, welcome back. I love your blue+white+red accents palette. also, can't wait to see your latest make!

  4. Welcome back and good luck with MMM! I've been drawn to blues and grays lately and your palette is right up my alley.

  5. Ooh, I love those mints with the reds. I have something very similar up my sleeve for summer. Something about the thirst-quenchiness of it all! (I keep trying to clicky onto that white maxi-dress and those shoes--eek, coolness.) Glad you made it through April!

  6. Hi! Am sending you something that might help with your mix and match challenges! Glad your April is behind you!

  7. Yay! You're back! Eeeh, I feel the same way about my blog reader.

    Oh man, I am loving your palette. Those are beautiful colors.  I'm excited to see what patterns you pair with them.

  8. I love these colors, too.  They'll be so pretty on you!  Can't wait to see your You-Made-May!

  9. HURRAY FOR THE HAIKU!  Also I REALLY love that new inspiration board... I too am feeling the navy, sailor, and what could be a better accent the red?!?  I can't wait to see how this shapes up!  Hugs!

  10. Ooops... I thought that +Image was how I got that mysterious shadow man to disappear... sorry for the creepy me shot mid comment!   (It squashed me!)