mmmay week three!!

high five for the weekend! i plan on spending my two free days thusly: 

spend one day at the beach. spend one day sewing. mix and match. mornings and evenings for cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping et cetera, et cetera, and so forth, and so on.

will you support me in this? good. i thought so.

i kind of felt like i was kicking this me-made-may's butt this week - until today. something happened and every single thing i put on this morning felt like someone else's clothes. i think this was because it was sunshine-y and warm and the only thing that would have felt comfortable was a bathing suit, wide-brimmed hat, and sunscreen. accessorize with sandy feet and salty hair. but apparently thats not appropriate work attire. or so they tell me. jk. i've never shown up to work in my swimmies. yet.

okay! enough chit chat - let the me-made-may week three parade begin!

5/13 and 5/14 not pictured but i wore some combination of my new(ish) stove-pipe skinny jeans, that mint green t-shirt, or some other t-shirt and blue shorts. mix and match. match and mix.


MMMAY 5/15

lets go from the top down, shall we?

hat: random beach store here in galveston
necklace: so old i don't remember
bra strap: you really don't want to know
top: self-made burdastyle, blogged here but i cut the sleeves off (the ties never laid right and i just felt i'd get more wear out of it this way)
jeans: emersonmade
clogs: frye
where: to work. obviously.


MMMAY 5/16

topknot: so silly with my short hair
braided thingamabobby: american apparel from many moons ago
jacket: draped leather jacket - blogged here - i've seriously been getting my money's worth out of this jacket!
shirt: self-made from the drape-drape 2 book, never blogged
jeans: emersonmade
shoes: shoemint - not gonna lie, i didn't wear these all day. i just got them in the mail this day and thought they might spruce up my look
where: i might stop doing this, because i don't go anywhere other than work and home! so there. done. not doing this anymore!


MMMAY 5/17

sunnies: rayban!
necklace: madewell from last year
dress: self-made, self-drafted, super soft nani-iro double gauze fabric. made about a year ago, never blogged
shoes: shoemint


MMMAY 5/18

necklace: same old one from 5/15
tshirt: altered built-by-wendy pattern from sew u home stretch, blogged here
belt: jcrew
skirt: self-made, blogged here - this skirt has also been another all-star in my spring wardrobe...
shoes: shoemint, and this time i actually wore them all day

i felt totally awesome in this outfit! i suppose this is me taking part in the "colorblocking" trend but i sort of hate that word and i'd much rather prefer to think of it as "three differently colored things that i happen to be loving right now and i'm gonna wear them all together just for shits"! i gave a little talk in the morning to some middle school kids and one of the girls came up to me and said "i'm loving all of (waves her hand around in the air) this" yeah. thats right, my look was 12 year old girl approved!


MMMAY 5/19

sunnies: rayban
top: urban outfitters, self-altered
tank top: jcrew
jeans: stovepipe skinnies, blogged here
shoes: frye

and i think i used up all my good-outfit mojo on friday because today it just wasn't working. i don't usually do the whole thing where i change outfits 50 times in the morning, but this was one of those mornings. nothing seemed to be working, so i just kind of defaulted to my jeans. it seems almost like cheating, but hey - they are the most wearable self-made article of clothing i've ever made!

and thats it for this week! now if you'll excuse me, i have about 4 yards of beautiful ikat fabric that needs my attention





  1. definitely high five for the weekend. with two hands! I'm one hundred percent behind you on your decision to spend one day sewing and one day out and about. With the weather so nice, I have to, for my sanity. I can use the cold as an excuse to hole myself up in my apartment for the weekend but once the weather turns, I have to get out. 

    I loved all your outfits this week but my favorite is the leather draped jacket. It really is stunning!

  2. Nice! I spent half the weekend sewing and bloggering and am spending the other half procrastinating over Uni work (marking I need to do for my first year demonstrating XP). The self drafted piece is my fav. here. The shoes look pretty cool too. 

  3. Yep, super jealous of that ikat! Also, I really like the dress from 5/17.

  4. I think your kitty cat is the ultimate fashion accessory :) And with that said, Kitty needs MMM outfits too! Loooooove the Nani Iro dress!! 

  5. haha I just picked up some beautiful ikat fabric on friday - yours is lovely but luckily I have my own to drool over

  6. fair enough!

  7. Thanks Rochelle! Mister Muscles would protest in the nastiest of ways if I tried to give him MMM outfits - he's got a wild heart, that one! I love the Nani Iro dress too, its one of my favs ;)

  8. Thanks!! Me too!

  9. I've been looking for some ikat, so yes, v. jealous! Also of your beach plans. 

  10. Thank you Maddie! I sure do love that jacket!! It just spruces up everything. Have a great rest of your weekend (mine's just starting ;)

  11. Oof! Uni work! Don't miss those days! 

  12. totally giggling while reading this one - loved the 12 year old girl comment - for me the best part of teaching was the constant ego boost those kids afforded me... this 12 year old lies not.  You looked hot.  BTDubs... I TOTALLY remember where you got that necklace! xoxo

  13. Loved them all as usual. Picked up on the "talk to middle schoolers" I'd like to hear about that!

  14. Did you get it for me?? That would be especially embarrassing - but maybe not so much because apparently I'm still loving it <3

  15. Great outfits once again. I really do love your 5/16 jacket and love the ikat :-)

  16. Good job at keeping up me-made-may! I like all of your outfits and how you style them. The tee and skirt might be my favorite.

  17.  I'm with you on the weekend plans. It does feel like a shame to have to go to work when it's great weather and the beach is just over there...

    Three weeks of self-made outfits before the outfit mojo goes on holiday is pretty darn good.

    And yes I am jealous of your ikat fabric. Must not buy more fabric, must not...

  18. You are right about those pumps - yummy. Especially with your colour blocked outfit. I love that 12 year old. She knows what's up. I think I've pulled that exact same move about 15 time since getting to NYC. So many women walking around with the dopest style and I can't help calling them out on it when I've had a couple of drinks at the industry open bar design party. Girls will always love you when you give them style props. 

    Sallie, I wanted you to know a few things. a) I bought silk. Really beautiful silk. And it was scarily affordable b) On a day when I thought NY was going to eat my feet, I caved and bought a pair of crazy gold mary-jane Worishofer sandals. It was like I strapped angels to my feet. I thought of you. and c) I spent an embarrassing amount of time shopping for products I can't get in Canada. It's been a good weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours as well.

  19. EEP I love that fabric!!!!!  OK, back to the outfits-- all so cute!  Your style is so fab!

  20. Oh Em Gee. I don't know where to begin! I'll go in order:
    a) Yay for silk! I bet the NY fabric stores have some AHmazing deals - but I've usually been pleasantly surprised at the prices of silk (and sometimes utterly aghast - its a give and take). Don't fear the silk!
    b) Welcome to the Wonderful World of Worifshofer!! Foot Pain be Gone! Bring on the confused looks from Menfolk! They go with everything!! Gold! GOLD!!! Excellent choice :)
    c) I completely approve of every minute you spent product shopping. This is serious business! May the product gods send you their blessings!

    My weekend has been wonderful - sounds like yours was too ;)

  21. It is just so taunting!! The weather has seriously been out of control! I keep feeling like I need to take advantage of it before it goes - but its just been going strong!

  22. I ordered mine from B&J Fabrics online - they have a really wonderful selection of ikat. Pretty pricey - but this stuff is the real deal (I would have been fine had it not been the real deal, but I was really happy with the quality)

  23. Fabulous! And omg I love your kitty cat. What a good kid! Mine would be dangling off the ledge - she has zero survival instincts.

    Yes, I am jealous of that ikat. Where did you find it?!?!?! That is going to be gorgeous on you.