for your viewing pleasure: shoe + art

so since i already spilled the beans on my rachel comey obsession i thought i'd just ride this lovefest for a bit longer. while the clothes set my heart a-pitter-pattering, my devotion is really to the shoes.

a fellow comey lover once told me that rachel studied sculpture before she began designing clothes. this struck a major chord with me, and also made total sense. her designs are incredibly sculptural - with just the right combination of toughness, timelessness, elegance and awkwardness. perhaps not the combination most people would look for in a shoe, but for me they possess something just slightly off which makes me want to keep looking at them. if ever i could make a case for adding a bit of artistry to an outfit it is in ones choice of footwear. basically i'm saying, quit being a pansy and put some sculptures on your feet!

after a trip to the philadelphia museum of art this past summer (seriously one of my favorite musuems, and its not just my philly pride thats talking...) i came away with brancusi on the brain. constantine brancusi was never one of my favorite artists. its always amazing to me when you can look at something you've seen a million times, read about and studied, and yet all of a sudden its like you're seeing it with fresh eyes. this is what happened with brancusi. its like a light went on and something i had always glossed over came into focus. i just can't get over those forms (i know... nerd alert...)

perhaps its a bit of a stretch to make a connection between rachel comey shoes and brancusi sculptures - but i don't think so. the restrained palette, the references to classicism, the elegance and awkwardness...the stacking!

all rachel comey shoes via solestruck, brancusi images via the pma, here, and here.



  1. yes, this is an amazing and shocking jamais-vous effect, when you look at something you've seen million times but "all of a sudden its like you're seeing it with fresh eyes"!

    nice parallel between Brancusi and Rachel Comey shoes; I used to call this type of wedge and heels 'Archipenko-like' ;)

    stay beautiful,

  2. I just love the way the shoes are juxtapositioned with the sculptures! Having taught Brancusi to many a wear-eyed school student while desperately trying to convey his significance, I now see the error of my ways. I was missing the critical fashion link! How rad are the ones with wings?!?

    PS intrigued by the bloglovin tag on the side... now an official follower! Keep up the great work, your blog is a much needed respite in my hectic world!

  3. I love Rachel Comey footwear too. And the sculptural study tie in makes perfect sense, I think, because once you first lay eyes on a pair of Comey's can you ever really stop staring at them?
    I got my first pair this past summer. Heaven. I sometimes wish I could see the world via my cat's eyes because she has a totally different take on my beloved Comey's then I do.... I really need to get to bed ;).
    Great post!