inspiration for the cold that never comes

i'm not really sure what sort of lifestyle would render it possible for me to dress like this - but whatever it is... i want it. "swedish ranch hand" perhaps? "post-apocalyptic gypsy"? "mongolian sheep herder socialite"?

i just don't know.

but what i do know is that in another life i lived in a place that had cold weather. and when that cold weather hit i seriously contemplated wrapping my duvet around me, belting it, and calling it a day. maybe i'd throw on some super stylish clogs too.

but in all seriousness (sorta) its no secret that i love a little bit of drama in my looks, and there is just something about draped and layered fabric that has a certain theatricality to it. can you imagine the billowing that happens when the wind blows? when she walks? gasp! what a silhouette!

you can bet that when if the cold weather ever comes to my part of texas i will start eyeing up my navajo throw. and i suggest you do the same.



  1. LOL! Where are that poor girl's arms? Do you think she can lift all those rugs to do things like open doors?

  2. Ummmm... I do love me a nice throw rug. Every year I want one of those great bat wing sweaters. I bought one once. Turns out I couldn't type wearing it. Apparently I should have been born a post apocalyptic gypsie. Ah the layers. Thanks for the smile today!