versatile blogger award!!

i was incredibly flattered the other day when i discovered that stephanie of stoutysews tagged me with a "most versatile blogger" award. thank you stephanie! i'm always slightly bewildered when i find out people actually read this blog!

so now i have to reveal seven of my most top secret secrets! get ready for some truly enlightening information....

1) i'm 26. ha! bet you didn't see that one coming!

2) my husband and i have a dog, lucille, and a cat, mister muscles. lucille is one of the sweetest, most well behaved dogs ever, but she is really my husband's dog. she was part of his life before i met him, and lucille will never let me forget it. we acquired mister muscles on our drive down to texas a little over two years ago. he's pretty good at knocking things off shelves, giving a major stink-eye, making weird gremlin noises at odd hours of the night and, you know, being a cat.

3) after much deliberation i have finally come to the conclusion that my favorite flavor of jam is marmalade. wait. does that count as jam?

4) i am an aries (pisces cusp). my chinese zodiac is an ox. a wood ox to be precise. i'm not really sure what any of this means. i don't follow my horoscope. but i'm pretty sure its all true.

5) i have a really hard time saying the name wichita (as in wichita, kansas). every time it comes up in conversation (it happens more often than you would think!) i have to pause and tell myself "its wichitaw, sallie, not wicheetah". but i do think that if it was wicheetah i'd probably want to live there. food for thought citizens of wichita, food. for. thought.

6) i once got so scared in a haunted house that i ran out the emergency exit. it turned all the lights on inside the haunted house. a zombie followed me outside to make sure i was okay. looking back on this i probably should have been way more embarrassed than i was. i was, like, 18.

7) ohmygodiloooovvveeeeharrypotttteeerrrrr! i really don't think this needs any explanation. i mean, i'm practically a wizard....

and that, dear friends, is seven useless facts about me. my favorite person. that was really fun, by the way. i like making lists.

and now i get to pass this little blog award on to others! i'm pretty sure i'm the last person to find out about... everything - so these are by no means new blogs. in fact these ladies have all been around longer than i have, they're just "new to me" blogs! if you've already been tagged by this, no hard feelings, okay?



  1. That was fun to read! I too LOVE!! Harry Potter :) and by the looks of things, Mister Muscles now too - what a cutie Pie. I tried to steal my neighbours cat that was equally as cute, I was so close! but he ran off last minute - Drats. Good Thing I'm not your neighbour :) Perhaps I should have fun that on my list of & secrets - 7.Wannabee Cat Stealer....

    Love your blog x

  2. Kim from San FranciscoNovember 15, 2011 at 9:38 PM

    I stumbled upon you after super admiring your clovers over at coletterie. Reading the Wichita blurb had me cracking up! I could barely keep it together reading it aloud to my husband who then also got a giggle attack. Thanks for that. And for impacting how I will henceforth hear the word Wichita. (:

  3. told you you were funny! Not much was news to me there! Well maybe the Witchita bit. It really comes up in conversation frequently???

  4. The versatile log award was well deserved. Funny, informative, fashion-y, beautiful. My favorite bit of cyber space. I love your work!

  5. HA! Posting on cell Phones is a bad idea, unless you really did win a versatile log award. What would that entail, I wonder?

  6. I've just discovered your blog and I was thinking "hey, this is so nice!" when I saw that you tagged me! Thanks, I'm flattered! I have already done this tag but thank you :)