on slowness

it is no secret that i am a rather slow paced person. early on when we were dating, my husband would call me ( in all lovingness, i'm sure) "tortuga sal". i talk slow, i eat slow, and i walk slow (though i prefer to think of it as sauntering or sashaying). i'd rather walk than run, sit rather than walk, and lay down rather than sit. some people call this "lazy" - i just call this "taking my time".

but what i've never understood is why this is such a bad thing? whats the big deal with speed? in sewing, there are certain moments that require us to slow down - to take our time and focus on the details. these are the moments that i relish. i love hand sewing. its an incredible treat for me to sit down with some music or (i'll be honest) a trashy tv show, a needle and thread and just focus on making even stitches.

slowness seems to be a bit of a "thing" nowadays. there's the "slow food movement" and i've even heard the term "slow fashion" being thrown around. i came to sewing through my love of fashion - or as i think of it - my passion for shmashion - a passion for well made, beautiful fitting, detail oriented clothes that well exceeds my wallet - but not my ability. i've never considered that making my own clothes could be a political act - a turn away from fast consumerism. because for me - slow is just how i go.

i get a bit of extra time off this week for the thanksgiving holiday here in the states. you can bet i will be filling it as much as possible doing the above - lovingly working my hand stitches as i tailor the jacket i'm working on - at a snails pace.

if you celebrate thanksgiving - i wish you a lovely holiday.

and guys - slow down.



  1. Oooh - something red and tailored - my two favourite things! Enjoy taking it slow, and I'm looking forward to seeing what this turns out to be :)

  2. I thought of this post last night as I sat down to hand sew some hems and hook and eyes in my latest concoction. It's a good reminder to enjoy the process - I was watching Breaking Bad and the contrast between that bleak suburban nightmare and my cozy domestic activity made me laugh. I wish I was better at handsewing though - my stitches are rarely even. I'm always astounded when I see the insides of beautifully made vintage clothing - tiny, even perfect stitches. Hopefully someday someone will find something I've made in a thrift store and have the same reaction. I'm getting there!

  3. Actually, that is a really good habit to have. :) Healthy in a lot of aspects, too... My lazyness actually makes me do things (walk etc.) faster. I stay in bed too long, then I'm late and have to run... ;)